SIP attack- MLPP DoS

Today we can easily say that SIP is the leading protocol on the VoIP systems. The  success of SIP is certainly result of simple and robust architecture of this protocol. However, like every other protocol SIP has several weaknesses.

yass – Yet Another SIP Scanner

For one of my projects, I was having need of a SIP scanner. This SIP scanner should not only use SIP OPTIONS but also use unimplemented SIP messages to scan a network. I’ve checked such a tool on the web but couldn’t find that does both. Then, I decided to…

Being secure depends on whose target list you are in

Companies are demanding more and more security for their systems on nowadays. Depending on the IT budget and awareness of security threats on the management level, they track new vulnerabilities to keep their software up-to-date, hire more information security engineers, inspect every code they wrote from security point of view,…

VoIP Networks & Security

Last week Melih Taş (@artinscience) and I made a brief introduction about VoIP networks and security issues on these networks at Siber Guvenlik Dernegi. Presentation files can be downloaded from the below link (unfortunately both of them are only in Turkish).